Respond to  your  colleagues by recommending strategies  to over

Respond to  your  colleagues by recommending strategies  to overcome the challenges your  colleagues have identified. Support  your recommendation with  evidence-based literature and/or your own  experiences with clients.                                                Main Post   Cognitive-behavioral therapy is a relevant  psychotherapeutic process that is reliably used due to its easy  implementation and consistency in both group settings as well as in  family settings. The utilization of CBT in a group is beneficial and  effectively improve the individual’s quality of life, healthy  functioning and better social functioning of individual with depressive  symptoms (Zhang, Jing, Qinyu, Zhenghui, & Yindi, 2016). Group CBT  mitigate depressive symptoms and the related behavioral damage by  backing the conflicts of absurd cognition and giving the individual from  the group with the competencies required to transform their illogical  cognitions. According to Piacentini, et al., (2011) cognitive-behavioral  therapy in a family setting is effective in reducing the severity of  symptoms and functional damage to the patient. Use of  cognitive-behavioral therapy in family integrate cognitive strategies  and behaviorism and implement them to the family system. Due to the  regular development and flexibility, cognitive behavioral therapy in the  family is able to emphasize a number of challenges, from highlighting  changes within individuals in families to changes family cooperation  styles. There are several evidence articles which indicates that in the  background of specific psychosocial comorbidities and improvement in the  management of the psychological disease is effectively accomplished  through addressing by the interventions (Magidson & Weisberg,  2014).  Family and group cognitive-behavioral therapies both have  effective in the treatment of anxiety among individuals but group  behavioral therapy is consuming more time but cost-effective as compared  to other psychotherapies for changing positive behavior, mitigate  depression and anxiety among young students. Interventions of CBT in a  group is effective for individual students with behavioral issues,  depression, and anxiety (Eiraldi, et al., 2016). During my practicum experience, I have  observed the effectiveness of both family and group CBT. In Family CBT  therapist or counselor made few observations. Firstly, the counselor  gently inquired about the depression of young individual students and  then asked the parents of students about their academic and social  activities. Inquiry and communication both help in the implementation of  CBT strategies to counter depression and anxiety among young students  and improve the relationship of the depressed young individual with all  family members. The CBT in group occurred two to three times in a week  for the group of young students with depression, anxiety, and behavioral  problems which impact their performance. Several sessions had been  carried out with students in which they talked about their experiences,  feelings, and fears, then counselor introduced the CBT strategy to  develop positive behavior and end CBT group session with future  assignments delivered to them which was useful in modifying positive  behavior and anxiety. In this study of CBT in a group for students,  counselor divide interventions into two categories first, for the  assessment and modification of an individual’s behavioral pattern  within-group and second, evaluate and adapt distorted and extreme  depression and anxiety. According to Eiraldi, et al., (2016) CPP is the  most effective CBT strategy adopt by counselors to mitigate depression,  anxiety, and behavioral issues among individuals. CPP is focused on  relaxation and social skills training, awareness to students about  problem-solving and emotional control. Communication and long-time  connectivity with their young students as clients are the two important  challenges identified in group CBT which influence on the effective  implementation of CBT techniques.                                                                                         References Eiraldi, R.,  Power, T. J., Schwartz, B. S., Keiffer, J. N., McCurdy, B. L., Mathen,  M., & Jawad, A. F. (2016). Examining effectiveness of group  cognitive-behavioral therapy for externalizing and internalizing  disorders in urban schools. Behavior Modification, 40(4), 611-39. Magidson, J. F., & Weisberg, R. B. (2014). Implementing cognitive behavioral therapy in specialty medical settings. Cognitive Behavioural Practice, 24(4), 367-71. Piacentini, J.,  Bergman, R. L., Chang, S., Langley, A., Peris, T., Wood, J. J., &  McCracken, J. (2011). Controlled comparison of family cognitive  behavioral therapy and psychoeducation/relaxation training for child  obsessive-compulsive disorder. Journal of the American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry, 50(11), 1149-1161. Zhang, B. X.,  Jing, Z. H., Qinyu, L. V., Zhenghui, Y. I., & Yindi, C. H. (2016).  Effect of group cognitive-behavioral therapy on the quality of life and  social functioning of patients with mild depression. Shanghai Archives of Psychiatry, 28(1), 18-19.

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Respond to  your  colleagues by recommending strategies  to over
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